70 Years of Love and Marriage

Writer in Florida


Theirs wasn’t a life of luxury or glamour. There were no vacations to exotic destinations or fancy gifts on momentous occasions. In fact, they never even had a honeymoon.

But what Bovio “Bob” Ceraolo and his wife Mary have had in their seven decades of marriage is far more valuable than anything they could buy — a deep and lasting love that has survived wars, poverty, sickness and separation.

It’s a love that persists despite age and time. One that, all these years later, still makes the 95-year-old Mary weep when she talks about it.

Thanksgiving wasn’t the same this year without her beloved Bob at home, but Mary is thankful all the same.

“He’s my life,” she said, dotting her tear-filled eyes with a napkin off her lunch tray. “He was always so good to me.”

It’s a warm and breezy afternoon in the cafeteria of the North…

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Beyonce Sings About Marriage Issues With Jay-Z In New Song ‘Mine’

Hollywood Life

Beyonce’s formerly top-secret, self-titled fifth studio album hit iTunes on Dec. 13, and it’s safe to say that it’s Bey’s most personal record yet. One song in particular — the Drake collaboration ‘Mine’ — delves pretty deep into her relationship with husband Jay-Z.

Beyonce, 31, effectively won the Internet on Dec. 13 when she released her new album, Beyonce, without any prior warning. HollywoodLife has officially listened to all of Bey’s (fabulous) new tracks, and we were particularly intrigued when we got to “Mine” — because the lyrics most definitely seem to address her relationship with Jay-Z. Read on for more details!

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2013 – What a year…

Well, well where shall i start? 

2013 has just flown by, like a firework – you worry that if you blink you may miss it. 

There have been many dramas, as expected. But some real moments of euphoria and others of complete sadness. Highs include, passing my first year of uni and getting into the second year, finally meeting family in canada and embarking on a trip that was truly memorable.



Lows, as always come with the highs – of course the ones we have loved that have been lost along the way is always hard to come to terms with  but over time you begin to remember the moments you shared and the happiness it brought you. 


As we approach christmas and 2014 i am unsure of what i will predict for the upcoming year – last year i promised myself that i would be more careful driver (that’s another story – but i kept that promise). Another one of my ‘new year wishes’  – i refer to them as wishes to ensure that i don’t feel crappy come the new year when i haven’t accomplished all of them! I also promised myself that i would focus on my university work and really master my craft – i have learnt so much in a year it is unbelievable. I feel that i am a more confident person, and although the pressures and adversities still present themselves, i feel that i am able to overcome them. I am not superwoman, but i have learnt a lot about myself. Isn’t that what its all about in the end? Loving yourself and accepting this to be happy. 




Do you ever get the feeling of innate loneliness?
I don’t mean the stereotypical lonely soul, who befriends nobody – or so it seems. This form of loneliness takes a different form, today I felt it; the intense feeling of being alone, whilst being surrounded by friends or family.

I am not commonly a negative, pessimistic thinker; I’m the optimist. Sometimes i just feel like I cannot bear the weight of everybody else’s problems and troubles; and I wonder if these stories and ideas really can eat you up inside.

I feel that I am carrying so much of someone else’s problems that I am unable to focus upon my own. Not that I have a great deal of them…

Loneliness comes in many forms, and I think people forget this; of course you can be lonely even when you have everything a persons could want and a loving family and friends. Of course, I would never express this, it seems almost ungrateful, and selfish. To take for granted the support my friends and family do obviously provide. It’s just hard sometimes to be completely open without sounding self centred or dare I say it silly.

Road to relaxation

It’s funny, when driving to Oxford to see my dad I do relish my own company; there isn’t anyone playing with the radio, or adjusting the air con every 5 minutes. Just me and the road, I find it very cathartic, just driving into the country with my iPod playing with my own thoughts.

The road to relaxation and being at one with nature…perfect. My own personal haven. I would encourage any city/urban living person to go on a journey of nature and calmness; whether it be taking a solitary walk, reading a book or just take a breath of fresh country air. I guarantee you will feel noticeably at ease.

Now I am off to get my ‘nature fix’ and de stress!!

Hayley XO

Gossip Girl translations in the ‘real world’

Upon watching the final episode of Gossip Girl for the 2nd time, I was struck by the poignancy of what the show has been saying all along.

There will always a ‘gossip girl’ no matter your age, gender or address – people will always have some interest in your life, and to quote the second from last words of the show (XOXO Gossip Girl). ‘there will always be someone on the outside trying to get in’.


A modern representation, I think of journalism and media today – journalists often go undercover to reveal ‘revelations’ about celebrities who are presented as socialites Blair and Serena in the show.



“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you cant handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe


Wise Words, Hopeless Memoirs…

A wise woman once told me, ‘whatever you have on your mind, write down, whether it be a simple word or a 10 page essay of feelings; I guarantee it will provide you with escapism and relief.’ Well, this blog, I hope will act as my personal form of catharsis.

As a media student I understand the importance of blogging and developing my writing skills, my plan whilst developing these skills is to provide the reader with entertainment, and interesting pieces – well that is if anyone is reading this!!

All I will say is, I encourage any feedback or comments you have on my writing and ideas; enjoy!!

Hayley XO